About Jenna

As an award-winning freelance photographer, Jenna Pope has established herself in the field while extending her talents in the areas of videography and digital media. A passion for social justice and human rights drives her work and is a major reason why her coverage of the Gezi Park protests of 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Fight for $15, among others, has been featured in various publications.

Jenna has over 7 years of experience in professional photography, including:
 - photojournalism
 - documentary photography
 - wedding photography
 - portrait photography
 - travel photography
 - videography
3 years of digital media experience including:
 - social media management
 - strategy and growth
 - graphic design
Awards, Recognition, and Publication:
 - Best Photographer - Shorty Awards, 2013
 - Runner up for Outstanding Photojournalism - New America Media Awards, 2013
 - VICE News
 - Village Voice
 - Al Jazeera America
 - The Progressive
Digital Media Campaigns:
 - Fight For $15

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